In case you haven’t heard, the Capital Title Net Sheet App, PalmAgent ONE, is NEW and IMPROVED!  It’s quicker (really!), you can do a Net Sheet or Buyer Estimate in 30 seconds!  It has more marketing tools, too (cool Instagram filters, social media posts / infographics)!

Are you working with Buyers?  How awesome would it be to text a beautiful buyer estimate seconds after showing your Buyers the first home on the showing schedule, WITH a picture of them on the porch so they can remember house #1.  Imagine doing that with the 2nd and 3rd house you show them!

What about working with a Seller? How great would it be to sit across from a seller at a listing appointment, showing them a beautifully branded (to you) Seller’s Net Sheet on what they can expect to walk away with based on multiple selling prices!  Do you need to figure out the listing price based on what the Seller needs to net?  We have that calculator, too!  THIS will set you apart from your competition!

If you missed the Webinar we had on how to use our App or want a one-on-one appointment with a specialist, contact your Capital Title Account Executive!

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