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Land Contracts

Land Contract Transactions

Whether you are purchasing or selling property on a Land Contract, we are here to guide you. Our staff has experience with all aspects of Land Contract transactions. We offer Deed Escrow services as well.

New Orders

New Orders for Land Contract transactions can be placed here:

For additional assistance in placing orders, you can contact Customer Service at 800-851-8329 or by email at info@capitaltitle.net.

Land Contract Forms

A Land Contract is a legal document. We have provided a couple of Land Contract forms for your convenience. You may choose to use one of these forms, or you may use one of your own. We cannot advise clients as to which Land Contract form should be used. Every circumstance is unique. Capital Title recommends you consult an attorney.

Land Contract 1
Land Contract 2


For questions concerning your upcoming Land Contract closing, you may contact your Capital Title Branch.

Deed Escrows

To release a Deed Held in Escrow, please contact our Final Docs department by phone 800-851-8329, or by email at FinalDocs@CapitalTitle.net.

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